BenRiach 10 Years Old Triple Distilled Review

A few months ago BenRiach distillery released a new expression exclusively in global travel retail market segment, a 10 Year Old Tripled distilled. Triple distilled whisky isn’t too common in the Scottish whisky industry with only Auchentoshan and Springbank (with their Hazelburn brand) producing such whisky on a regular basis. But other distilleries do play with triple distillations and it’s even not the first tripled distilled coming from BenRiach.

The third distillation usually produces a further refined new make, which usually leads to a lighter flavor and body profile for the aged whisky.

This BenRiach 10 Year Old Triple Distilled was matured in ex-bourbon and PX casks and bottled at 43%, a strength shamelessly targeting casual and newbies drinkers in the duty free shops.

BenRiach 10 Years Old Triple Distilled (43%)

Nose: Light and airy fruitiness, pears, honey, peaches. slowly getting green unripe fruitiness variants with melon and kiwi. With some time croissant dough and sweet barley with gentle white pepper in the backseat.

Palate: Light and airy, fresh and clean. Minerals and rocks, green unripe fruitiness with kiwi, spices, slightly malty, honey, rock dust, soft cinnamon and white pepper.

Finish: Medium length, lingering honey, rocks dust, gentle fresh spiciness with a touch of menthol freshness

Thoughts: I was hard pressed to find a straightforward PX influence. Seems like it was a minor component in the making of this BenRiach with the bourbon casks leading the way. The triple distillation produced here a very gentle and light whisky with soft notes and flavors. Perhaps it’s a tad too airy and light for me, but there’s a good balance and flavor profile there (albeit leaning to green and unripe fruitiness) so it would be a good choice for those who like that kind of soft whiskies, Irish and other triple distilled whiskies.


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