Aberlour Casg Annamh Batch #1 Review

Earlier this week I reported on a forthcoming Bourbon casks A’bunadh named A’bunadh Alba on the Whisky Gospel Facebook page (Go like the page for news!), let’s talk on the latest offering from Aberlour distillery where they dabbled in some bourbon casks as well – Aberlour “Casg Annamh”.

The name means “Rare Cask” although I think we can safely ditch out the notation that real rare casks were involved here and it’s just a marketing idea.

Aberlour Casg Annamh Batch #1 (48%, £54.95/€46,90)

Nose: Sour sweet dried fruit, barley and cereals, honey and white pepper. After a few minutes it open up and we get some lovely sherry notes like milk chocolate, sour red berries juice mixed with demerara sugar so we get enhanced sour and sweet experience.

Palate: Milk chocolate, spices – cinnamon, white pepper and oak spice, honey and then sour berries.

Finish: Medium length, lingering pepper and spiciness, oak spice, sugar sweetened sour berries juice and honey.

Thoughts: So long as you correctly manage your expectations, (i.e don’t mistakenly try to compare it to sherried A’bunadh or see it as a replacement,) you’ll get to enjoy it. There’s more bourbon casks influence here (as expected when american oak casks are part of the recipe) on the nose and the sherry casks are more influential on the palate. Bottom line – It’s a nice daily whisky at a decent price and great ABV.



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