Tomatin 15 Year Old Moscatel Cask Finish

Tomatin distillery is not resting. Following their virtues series, they released a new limited edition – the Tomatin 15 Year Old Moscatel Cask Finish which .

My friends know that I have some minor affinity to Tomatin whiskies and love most of what they do there, especially if it carries a high age statement age so it sports their old time tropical fruits note and flavors.

But this time it’s “only” a 15 year old that was distilled 6th June 2003, spent its first 10 years (9 years and almost 11 months in fact) in ex-bourbon casks and on 1st May 2013 it was transferred to Moscatel wine barriques (from Portugal) for another five years.

6000 bottles were made, bottled at 46% were made for this edition.

Tomatin 15 Year Old Moscatel Cask Finish (46%, £74.95/€78)

Nose: Soft nose, for a fleeting second I could believe its a Glenmorangie whisky. It’s sweet with lots of stone fruit, citrus, soft white pepper, butterscotch, cake-y. After breathing for a few minutes there’s sweet dessert wine, nuttiness, dried pineapple and banana, then more
nuttiness coupled with more stone fruit sweetness with a a touch of tropical sunshine. Very velvety and soft all along the way.

Palate: Spicy, drying wine tannins, green grapes peels, big notes of juicy and sweet stone fruits, nuttiness and slightly greenery towards the end.

Finish: Short medium length, lingering green spiciness, white pepper, green grapes, stone fruit sweetness and ending with spicy nuttiness.

Thoughts: Well, not much tropical fruits here and it has a unique profile for a Tomatin whisky, It’s very tasty and very silky (No, I’m not going to use the s***th word). The long finish imparted lots of fruity sweetness and nutty spices making it a great easy drinker.


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