Compass Box Juveniles Review

Just before 2018 closed down, Compass Box released to the markets (in time for x-mas of course) a set of two whiskies: ‘Juvenils’ and ‘Stranger & Stranger’.

Juveniles is a whisky released in collaboration with Juveniles Bistrot à Vins (residing in the 1st Arrondissement of Paris). Tim Johnston, the owner of Juveniles, asked Compass Box to create something:

“…bright, smooth, not smoky…an assemblage perhaps between 12 and 15 years old…”

Below you can see the recipe for Juveniles. While the components age are not exposed here (you can email Compass Box and ask them for the info!) you could say that the age average is indeed between 12 and 15 year old:

Total of 14,894 bottles were produced and as usual the whisky is non chill-filtered and comes at natural color.

Compass Box Juveniles (46%, £94.95/€104,90/$119.98)

Nose: Sweet honey, wax and vanilla, feels quite spirity – a bit surprising considering the malts age and composite but we should remember that age isn’t everything in whisky. Green peaches and pears, brioche with canned fruit. After a few minutes it gets dryer with oak spice but also getting notes of grass and meadow.

Palate: Sweet and quite spicy, pears, keeping the greenery and meadow theme, honey and vanilla, pepper and oak spice and something that feel like smoke from the re-charred casks.

Finish: Dry and somewhat bitter oak spice, honey and pears, green fruits.

Thoughts: A polarizing whisky. At first I wasn’t enamored with Juveniles as it felt too spirity, but on a second taste a few days later it improved drastically, although it still remained somewhat simplistic. Perhaps Juveniles is best served as a summer dram. I can’t stop thinking of it as an improved blended whisky. Something along the line of “blended whisky the next generation”.


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