Port Askaig 28 Year Old Review

Last month I reviewed the Port Askaig 10 Year Old that Elixir Distillers released to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the brand but it wasn’t the only new Port Askaig release to celebrate the occasion. Along with the easily accessible and reasonably priced 10 Year Old whisky, came this 28 Year Old Port Askaig which carries a heftier price tag and a far more years on its belt.

Does this 28 Year Old also hails from Caol Ila? Let’s check it out.

Port Askaig 28 Year Old (45.8%, £295/318.90€)

Nose: Peated with sweet smoke, lemon, gentle tropical fruits, BBQ meat, vanilla, soft. After a few minutes there’s mint, floral perfume, more smoked meat and honey. Very much matured Caol Ila.

Palate: Smoked tropical fruits, melon, kiwi, annona, pineapple, cured BBQ meat, gentle sweet peat, salt and brine and white pepper.

Finish: Medium length, smokey, tropical fruit sweetness, gentle peat and coastal.

Thoughts: That’s a good whisky, just as we can expect from reputable bottler and aged Caol Ila whisky. This is a distillate driven whisky without much oak influence producing a tasty, savoury (and expensive) whisky.


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