Glen Scotia 1992 18 Year Old (Kintra Whisky) Review

Campbeltown Malts Festival 2019 has started yesterday (or at least the warm up did) and the tradition dictates Campbeltown whisky reviews during the festival, right?

So today we’ll have a 18 Year Old Glen Scotia distilled back in 1992, matured in Sherry hogshead cask #141 and was bottled in November 2010. Yeah, more than 8 years has passed since then but I got to taste this not long ago and let me tell you – it’s a good one!

Glen Scotia 1992 18 Year Old (Kintra Whisky) (52.6%)

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Nose: Tobacco, sweet dried fruits, earthy greenery and even somewhat damp and rotting, cigar smoke, dry cold smoking peat smoke and after a few minutes bitter dark rich chocolate.

Palate: Dry, a fleeting lactic note, greenery then sour dried fruit. struck matches and in general slightly sulphury (but really not a lot and it’s enriching), chocolate, sherry vinegar, earthy, peat, tobacco and leather, sometimes feels like cherry cough syrup.

Finish: Medium length, lingering sour dried fruit, chocolate, cherry cough syrup, tobacco, leather and cigar smoke.

Thoughts: This is a great sherried and dirty Glen Scotia. The sherry cask does magnificent work here with the Campbeltown spirit with lots of leather and tobacco along with the chocolate and dried fruits. A bottle I’d love to have on my shelf, too bad I’m a few years too late.


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