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Trio of 14 Year Old Sherried Foursquare: Empery, Hereditas and Patrimonio

In the last post on Whisky Gospel I’m reviewing a trio of Rums. Yes, not Whisky but instead it will focus on Rum.

You may take this as a statement on the whisky market status in 2019 and you may be right, not that it was all bad as we did have some good releases. But still, this sherried trio from Foursquare Rum Distillery is one of the best things I’ve tasted in 2019.

All 3 rums are Single Blended Rum (both Pot and Column still rums) that were distilled in 2004 and bottled in 2019, 100% matured in Barbados.

Firstly there’s Foursquare Empery which is part of Foursquare Exceptional Cask Series, thus it’s globally available (where it’s not out of stock yet). Part of the Pot Column distilled rum was matured for 10 years in ex-bourbon casks and then 4 years in ex-sherry casks.

Secondly there’s Foursquare Hereditas which is an exclusive bottling for The Whisky Exchange’s 20th Anniversary celebrations. Part of the rum was aged for 10 years in ex-bourbon and then 4 years in ex-sherry, while the rest was matured in ex-bourbon only.

And finally there’s Foursquare Patrimonio which is part of the distillery collaboration with Velier. Just like Hereditas, part of the rum was aged for 10 years in ex-bourbon and 4 years in ex-sherry, while the rest was matured in ex-bourbon only.

I was fortunate enough to taste all three of them in a single session of our great local Rum club and perform a head to head comparison.

Foursquare Empery (56%, £63.45/€77,50/$89.99)

Nose: Dried fruit, a tad dirty at first with some struck matches, cherry chocolate, wood spices, green fruits, banana, sugar, sourness of pineapple juice. After a few minutes a bit more ‘Foursquary’ with more fruitiess of subtle fermented fruit and esters. Later on some chocolate and leather. Continue reading


Barbados Rum Foursquare 2007

It’s time for the first (but not the last!) review of an official bottling from Foursquare, the Rum distillery in Barbados. Let’s start with the latest vintage release ,Foursquare 2007 which follows the 2005 vintage from last year (and the 2004 vintage the year before).

It’s a 12 Year Old rum from ex-bourbon casks, all matured in Barbados so the aging is intense and the Angel’s share is on a different (and higher) scale than the Scottish whisky figures…

Foursquare 2007 12 Year Old (59%, £55.95/€59,97/$74.95)

Nose: Bright and fruity, almost perfume-y, banana, fermented fruits, esters, Demerara sugar, pineapple and mango, sweet wood spices. After a few minutes it’s turning perfume-y  with caramelized pears, peaches and some very ripe apricots. Continue reading

Barbados Rum Foursquare 13 Year Old (The Duchess) Review

We’re in the midst of this Black Friday/Cyber Monday thing (No, I didn’t buy anything and don’t plan to buy anything. Unless you consider a holiday tickets as part of this shopping craziness), So I thought it would be great to try and inject some sanity into this time period (at least for me) in the form of a new review – habits helps stabilize the mind I hear…

But it’s a Sunday and since It’s been half a year since my last non-whisky review (I should be ashamed, I know) it makes sense to go and review a non-whisky spirit so I’m going with another Rum from The Duchess (which I already reviewed a few rums previously), a 13 Year Old Barbados Rum from Foursquare distillery.

It was specifically selected and bottled for the “Whisky & Rum aan Zee” Festival 2018 in the Netherlands (where it was launched a few months ago). The beautiful label is all about the flower which is named ‘The Pride of Barbados’, and since Foursquare distillery is on big roll, we can apply the same title to the distillery as well.

This rum was distilled in 2005, filled into cask #44 and was bottled September 2018 so it’s 13 Year Old and total of 294 bottles were made at 59% ABV.

The Duchess Foursquare 13 Year Old (59%, €75)

Nose: Sweet rich caramel, some wood glue and varnish, cream, butter and marzipan-y, pears and peaches are in there as well. After a few minutes it’s getting sugary, fruitier and less woody with more honey and inching forward official foursquare territory with sweet fruity perfume. Continue reading