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Whisky Review – G&M Glen Grant 1954 (The Wood Makes the Whisky)

Today we have a review of the last of the four samples that spearheaded “The Wood Makes the Whisky” Campaign from Gordon & MacPhail. It’s a Glen Grant that was distilled way back in 1954 and was bottled in 2006 for a whopping 52 years in the cask.

While G&M did release recently a 65 year old Glen Grant (for Wealth Solutions), even this ‘young’ whisky can teach us a lot on cask selection. Think about it: 52 years in the cask. You can’t pick up just any cask if you want the whisky to age well for such long time period without going over-wood and G&M has repeatedly show they can do over and over and over again. This time, refill sherry casks were used and I guess those casks weren’t  too active.

Glen Grant 1954 (40%, bottled 2006, £1,049/£1,167.66)

glen grant 1954 g&mNose: Glorious old sherry, sour and sweet,  where to start? Lots of berries here, strawberries and raspberries, dates, figs, sultanas, cherries chocolate and plain milk chocolate, cooked nutmeg and a dash of bitter herbals and oak spices. Very rich and very fresh despite the old age. Continue reading