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Glenburgie 1995 21 Year Old Archives (BTC 2017 Day 7)

And on the seventh day of BTC 2017 we had a Speyside whisky: Glenburgie 1995 21 Year Old bottled by the whiskybase.com folks under their Archives brand.

Upon smelling and tasting it I knew we’re probably in the Speyside region but I had some doubts because of the strong honey which could hints at Highlands region and the salt which could lead to Islands region (like Arran). But eventually I played the odds and selected a random Speyside distillery, just too bad I didn’t pick up Glenburgie.

I had suspicions it may be 20+ year old whisky but eventually I played it conservatively and settled for 18 years. While I didn’t get so many points from the age guess, I made some of it back from the ABV guess – missed it by only 0.1%!

Glenburgie 1995 21 Year Old Archives (54.1%)

Nose: At first it has some unsavory notes with must, artificial sweet and rotten wood (turning into damp wood) but thankfully it disappeared for good after a few minutes. revealing a real nice and rich floral whisky. There’s cut grass and flowers petals, floral herbs perfume and eventually a growing wave of dryness, white pepper and hot spice. Continue reading


Glenburgie 1998 17 Year Old (The Single Malts of Scotland) Review

It’s Sunday and it’s been a while (yet again) since the last review so here’s a quick review of a summer-time whisky. It’s hailing from Glenburgie distillery which doesn’t have an official bottlings as most of it’s production goes into Ballantine’s and other blends from Pernod Ricard.

This whisky was distilled back in 1998, it slubered in cask #9914 for 17 years before bottled for our enjoyment by Speciality Drinks under The Single Malts of Scotland brand.

Glenburgie 1998 17 Year Old  (The Single Malts of Scotland) (54.1% )

Nose: Starts with creamy porridge, lime, grass, lemongrass, a meadow or orchard on spring day with pears, apples, stone fruit (a bit sour), green melon and after a few minutes, a big fruity note with barley sugar. Continue reading