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Whisky Visit – Douglas Laing HQ, Glasgow

When I planned my Scotland trip, I knew that I want to cover and visit as many whisky related places – large distilleries, small independent distilleries, whisky bars and independent bottlers.

So on a rainy day in Glasgow (are there any other types of days there??) we went to visit Douglas Laing HQ.


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Whisky Visit and Review – SMWS Queens St. and 127.37 Dinosours Dancing to Starvinsky

What would be a trip to Scotland without meeting friends and sharing a few drinks? As I’m quite active on twitter, I’ve made lots of friends over the last few years and It was a rare opportunity to (finally) meet some in person, so we’ve setup a meeting at the SMWS venue on Queens Street in Edinburgh.

SMWS, the Scotish Malt Whisky Society for you, is practically the largest whisky club on earth (30,000 and counting). You pay annual subscription and get access to unique cask strength bottling done every month which you can buy or taste at the venues. This is what you get to choose from at the venue:

Impressive selection ah?

Impressive selection ah?

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Whisky Tour – The Benriach Distillery

So after a great tour at The Balvenie, we took off and drove toward Elgin to our next target: The BenRiach distillery which is located just off the road to Elgin, close by to Longmorn distillery.


The BenRiach distillery doesn’t have visitors center or regular tours, but due to the high demand (and after reading this post you’ll understand why), you can contact the distillery and try booking a tour with the distillery manager Ewan George. Since I love my BenRiach Solstice 17, I wanted to tour the place and managed to book place on the date and time I wanted.

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Whisky Review – Mortlach 16 (Fauna and Flora), The Single Malt Of Scotland Craigellachie 15 Silver at Highlander Inn

So after visiting Deanston Distillery, we resumed our way up north to the Speyside region. At first it was a bit scary as we felt like we’re driving on the wrong lane…

Feels like the wrong lane

Feels so wrong…

But we soon got used to it and enjoyed the pastoral view around us. we even caught a rainbow while driving!

After 2 stops for caffeine injection and 3 more hours we’ve arrived to Craigellachie where we lodged in the Speybank B&B (highly recommended!). Although it was dark, cold, late and we were very tired, we braved ourselves and went to hunt the Highlander Inn for a couple of drams.

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Scotland Trip – Whisky Tour at Deanston Distillery

So after 2+ years of dreaming, 6 months planning, October 2013 arrived and I finally embarked and went on my first ever whisky trip. I wasn’t alone and took with my my good friend Rotem and together we went on a 8 days tour of whisky and some music.

So after 2 flights with lengthy night layover in Istanbul we arrived to Edinburgh, rented a car and went up north to Speyside.

welcome to edinburgh

Welcome to Edinburgh! Home of the whisky (sort of)

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