New Whisky Review & Tasting Notes: SMWS 35.103 The Great Easter Bake Off (Glen Moray) 29 year old 58.8%

Another Scotch Malt Whisky Society bottling review today and it’s my first Glen Moray distillery whisky I taste and review.

This one was distilled on December 1983 and bottled after 29 years after resting in a refill ex-sherry butt that produced 236 bottles. How does it fare?

SMWS 35.103 The Great Easter Bake Off (Glen Moray) 29 year old (58.8%, 236 bottles)

Nose: Starts with creamy and malty notes, cereal, sweet lemon syrup, pear drops, honey, green sage leaves. This one is indeed old and dignified, a settled down whisky, full bodied yet fresh. With water it’s less fresh and have the feeling of getting muddied.

Palate: Surprise! Bitter lemon instead of sweet one, spicy with nutmeg and white pepper, oak, honey infused with lemon/orange. With water it’s sweeter the bitter lemon recedes a bit.

Finish: Short length, Oak wood and lemon but with water the finish is longer and the finish is sweeter.

Conclusion: Indeed an old and dignified. Is it good? Yes. Is it a great one? Probably not. It’s a very good and rock solid old Glen Moray, but not sure I’d buy a bottle (just ‘borrow’ drams l-) ). I’m told there are other old Glen Morays which were better but it’s not surprising, after all each cask is a different world.


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