Glenallachie 15 Year Old

in 2018 Glenallachie Distillery was reborn at the hands of Billy Walker. We’ve seen a new core line up and few waves of single casks released to different markets and countries.

Initially the line up announcement included five expressions: 10 Cask Strength, 12 Year Old, 15 Year Old, 18 Year Old and 25 Year Old. Out of those five, four were released in 2018 and we checked them out here:

But the Glenallachie 15 Year Old wasn’t released until last summer (August 2019) and now it’s time to check it out.

The Glenallachie 15 whisky was matured in PX and Oloroso Sherry Hogsheads and Puncheons and was bottled at 46% and of course without chill filtering or adding color.

Glenallachie 15 Year Old (46%, £59.95/€59.95)

Nose: The Sherry casks influence is here front and center with notes of chocolate. cinnamon, dried fruits (a lot of peaches and apricots) and generally rich fruitiness.

Palate: Fruity with dried fruit mixed with green tropical fruitiness, far less chocolaty compared to the nose, cooked cinnamon and nutmeg.

Finish: Medium length, slightly dry, quite nutty, chocolate and fresh sweet fruitiness.

Thoughts: The Glenallachie 15 Year Old isn’t a heavy sherry bomb. Instead it’s a fresh and light with a heavy dose of fruitiness and I find it very good and think it can be my initial recommendation for those who looks to try whisky from the distillery.
I think it’s a heavy-weight competitor to other mid-teens Speyside sherried whiskies, mainly putting Glendronach 15 at the cross hairs (I can not say I’m surprised as both are brainchild of Billy Walker).


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